Woman’s Hour Monday 31st April. Listen to Kate Monro discussing her book The First Time with Jenni Murray and Suzi

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Link to Woman’s Hour Here. On Thursday Kate and Suzi went up to Manchester to talk with the inimitable Jenni Murray. Kate has spent five years researching and talking to people about how they lost their virginity for her book The First Time.

Losing our virginity … it happens to all of us. How did it happen for you? What do other people think and feel about it? Kate Monro is on a mission to find out. She asked men and women – old and young, gay and straight, of religious convictions and of none – how did you lose your virginity?
Springing from her popular blog The Virginity Project, The First Time brings these stories together and asks: is virginity loss a ‘loss’ at all? What impact does the first time have on the rest of our lives? From the experiences of Edna, who lost her virginity in 1940 aged 25, to Charlie Thomas, a victim of thalidomide whose first-time experience is one of which many able-bodied people would be envious, Kate reveals the bumpy, funny, embarrassing truth about other people’s most intimate sexual stories. Frequently poignant and searingly honest, The First Time is a groundbreaking and very personal insight into modern sexuality, and the secret story harboured inside us all.

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