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Now this is rather embarrassing, this book looks very well read and quite battered really, and considering the topic I’m a little sheepish about the condition it has ended up in.  In my defense, this is because it has been the perfect bathroom book.  It has sat on the shelves behind the loo and has been read in short bursts so to speak! This has also meant that it has showered accidentally, and chucked on the floor in puddles of soapy water by the kids on ocassions.  My youngest can’t read so well, so it wasn’t an inappropriate book to leave hanging around by the way, before you raise your eyebrows at me!
I did enjoy reading this book, Suzi Godson is a very insightful, witty, helpful person by the sounds of things.   She is The Times sex and relationships expert and in my simple terms, that means she is a posh agony aunt!  The book is set out in 21 sections, each of which features questions sent in by readers on that particular topic; these range from queries on ‘Orgasms, inequities & Oscar Winning Peformances’ to ‘Age, expectations & dancing naked in the Himalayas with lesbian sheep farmers.’  As you can see, it is written with humour, but that humour is peppered with  sensible, practical advice that is well written and shows a great deal of understanding for the human condition in relation to sexual queries and complications.
All manner of issues are written about in a question and answer format.  I think my favourite question is: ‘I have developed a fetish for black rubber, to the extent that I practically live in black wellies.  How can I persuade my girlfriend to share my kink?’.   Now, me being the insensetive soul I am….I’d probably just giggle uncontrollably and make inappropriate jokes about sheep; but Suzi Godson actually discusses how people hide their fetishes and how that deceit can affect trust in a relationships, why people develop fascinations with kinks, how best to begin a discussion about such thing  with a partner and is generally frank and helpful.
This is the beauty of the book, it deals with potentially embarrassing questions that people simply don’t feel comfortable asking or talking about, not even with their partners or in the case of sexual dysfuctions, with their GP’s.  Sophie listens carefully to each query, whether it be about porn, fantasies, kinks, impotency, sexual peformance, sex toys and is unfailingly entertaining and understanding with her observations and advice.
Sex Counsel deals with a huge range of questions, all answered in detail, with sensitivity and humour.  It’s easy to read, and a book that’s very easy to dip in and out of, which is appropriate at least! (ahem!)  I’d certainly recommend it as an interesting read!

On the back cover page it says ‘Within 48 hours your sex life will be transformed forever…..it’s a promise’ – Daily Mirror.  Well, I’m certainly not telling you if this book does what it says on the cover or not, because I’m a prude probably – but that’s a huge recommendation from the Daily Mail at least!

I found this review on the ‘A Little Bit Bookish’ website. You can get there by clicking here. Many thanks for the nice review. Suzi

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