Case History Submissions Would you be willing to write a two paragraph case history about your sex life for the More Sex research project?

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Would you be willing to write a two paragraph case history about your sex life for the More Sex research project?

If you have visited this site previously you will know that for last eighteen months I have been investigating the subject of sex in long-term relationships. Thousands of people responded to the initial survey and I am now running two new surveys into orgasm which I hope will add to our understanding of this complex topic. Click here to fill in the female survey. Click here to fill in the male survey.

I have also begun gathering sexual case histories so that I can build a broader picture of what sex is like for everyone. The case histories will be used as more detailed support material for the text that accompanies the survey results when I publish them.

I am hoping that I can persuade you to contribute. As with all the work I do here, I can guarantee that anything you submit will remain entirely anonymous and all personal references will be removed.

I‘m not expecting an essay,just a couple of decent paragraphs would be great. And you can write whatever you like, although it would be great if you could cover the following details…

Your age and gender

Your partner’s age and gender

How long you have been together

Your relationship status

Whether you have children together or with other partners

Whether you are religious

How often you have sex

Beyond these facts I would like you to tell me what you do, how you do it, how often you orgasm, whether you have any tips, tricks or toys that you find helpful and whether you push the boundaries and experiment in ways that might alarm the Mary Whitehouse brigade?

I’d also like to know about issues such as infidelity, porn, illness, kids, unemployment etc. that you may have encountered. Did they have an impact on your relationship and how have you come to terms with the changes? You may just want to express a view on these issues with regard to long term commitments.

Although it might feel a little weird to share such personal information, sex is something that essentially happens in private so lots of people have misconceptions about what constitutes a normal sex life. I am hoping that by building up a library of case studies, which reflect the diversity of people’s sexual experiences, we will help to demystify something that makes lots of people feel inadequate.

If you would like to contribute, email me at

Many thanks

Suzi Godson

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