The Times are running a Suzi Godson special on Saturday 8th August. I’ll be answering the following questions…

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1. Can you really re-learn to fancy someone when you’ve been in a long-term relationship?
2. Is it ‘cheating to fantasise to get to orgasm?
3. If you love your partner but the sex isn’t great, can the relationship last?
4. Can open relationships work?
5. Do men really love a Brazilian?
6. How often do most couples have sex?
7. Can sex toys spice up a dull sex life?
8. How can you tell if your partner is cheating?
 9. Can a relationship survive if it’s primarily based upon sex?
 10. Is it dangerous for your relationship to share sexual fantasies. Should you keep them to yourself?
11. Should you indulge your partner’s peccadillos if they’re not yours?
12. At what age will sex stop completely?
13. Is it wise to turn a blind eye to your partner using porn?
14. Is it acceptable to suggest that your partner takes a few more trips to the gym?
 15. Can a relationship survive with no sex?
16. Should we feel boring if we’re satisfied with vanilla sex?
17. Do orgasms really matter?
18. Does sexual infidelity have to mean the end of the relationship?
19. Do all men suffer from erectile dysfunction in the end?
20. Is it normal to want less sex after you’ve had children?
21. Do you need to have matching sex drives for the relationship to survive?


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