Brandy Engler: Wall Street sex therapist

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High-powered bankers and hedge-fund managers happily discuss their desires with her. Now, Dr Brandy Engler is sharing them with the world

When Dr Brandy Engler first went into business as a psychotherapist in Manhattan, she assumed two things. First: that most of her clients would be women (after all, her area of expertise was the ebb and flow of female sexual desire). Second: that building a clientele would be slow going. “Sex therapy? Are you kidding me?” one of her mentors scoffed. “Everyone’s on Viagra. Nobody gets sex-therapy clients any more.”

It turned out that both assumptions were wrong. “The calls started coming almost immediately,” says Engler. “And almost all of them were from men. They won’t seek the treatment they need for depression – or ask directions if they’re lost. But if there’s a problem with their penis, they reach out.”

Six years – and some 500 clients – later, Engler, 37, can count herself something of an authority on the alpha-male libido. A pack of wealthy young bankers, brokers and hedge-fund managers beat a path to her Times Square clinic and have led her to be branded “Wall Street’s sex therapist”. She’s called what she does “manthropology… observing men, taking notes, categorising unfamiliar behaviours and classifying subspecies”. At a time when psychotherapy is falling out of fashion (a trend that has forced thousands of analysts out of business), she’s a rare example of a shrink who’s been granted access to “the inner sexual and psychological worlds of the rich and powerful”. And now she’s spilling the beans on what she found there.

More Carrie Bradshaw than Carl Jung, Engler is glamorous in a slightly eccentric, boho-chic sort of a way. We meet in her new office on the outskirts of Hollywood (she moved from New York four years ago), and she’s wearing a vintage, ivory-white dress from the Seventies and scuffed tan boots.


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