Forget the Downton Abbey box set…. all you need for Christmas is The Art & Science of Love DVD workshop

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Divorce lawyers are expecting a 25% increase in New Year trade according to a new survey by Inside divorce. The first week of January has always been a busy time for shrinks, pharmacists and the law. The friction created by pre Christmas Boozing, office parties and overspending is compounded by a week of enforced exposure to family members you have spent all year trying to avoid. And then there’s all the relatives….. Call volumes to Relate, the UK’s largest provider of relationship support traditionally surge by 50% surge over the festive period and More than 1.8m couples will have contemplated divorcing their partner during the Christmas period, according to the Family Mediation Helpline.

That’s why, this year, instead of giving each other a present that will bring short-term joy, I suggest you splash out on a gift that will bring you long term happiness instead. The Art & Science of Love DVD workshop boxset is the brainchild of Dr. John Gottman who has spent more than forty years studying relationships. At $175 plus postage, The Art & Science of Love DVD workshop boxset is not cheap, but it’s a snip when you consider the cost of divorce.

Gottman originally trained as a mathematician but he became fascinated by the field of psycho-physiology or, in smaller words, how people respond emotionally to one another. At his infamous “Love Lab” he conducts empirical research projects that study human nature scientifically. He does this by putting couples in a fake living room and filming them with hidden cameras. He watches how they interact with each other, and what irritates them. He carries out interviews, physiological measurements, observations, and creates mathematical models that provide theoretical understanding of all these processes. As a result of his analyses he says he can predict with 96% accuracy whether a couple will divorce, but more encouragingly, the blurb for the box set says that the material in The Art & Science of Love has been shown to help 86% of the couples who use it. Now that’s the kind of Christmas relationship statistic we like.

I also think this looks fun…. John Lewis Perfect Partners Game (£8.00)

How well do you know your partner? With this game, you can find out just that, and earn points while doing so!
Game contents include Perfect Partner Cards, a sand timer, a score pad, 2 pencils and a die. Ideal for 2 teams of 2 or more players.

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