Nina Grunfeld and Life Clubs

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Life Clubs are the brain child of Nina Grunfeld, former Daily Telegraph columnist and author of The Life Book. Members attend a weekly  90 minute self improvement workshop where teachers use techniques borrowed from positive psychology, neuro linguistic programming and relationship/ communication training to help participants develop greater self awareness, and ultimately, change any aspect of their life that is making them unhappy.

So far, two studies, one funded by the NHS, and the other through the Psychology Department of the University of East London, have found that club participants experience statistically significant improvements in mood, confidence, purpose and quality of life. More importantly, these effects persisted after participants had finished the programme. You can read about both studies here.

Being more self aware is hugely beneficial within a relationship. It is so easy for couples to blame each other for any unhappiness that they feel but often, their unhappiness relates to other aspects of their life – work, family commitments or lack of direction for example.  Life Clubs are a great way of getting couples to identify what are the real stressors in their relationship, and from there, they can prioritise what is most important and change things for the better.

Below is a copy of a wheel that Nina has created to help people gauage which aspects of their life feel most out of control. Have a go and if your wheel is terribly wonky you can email Nina at, or check out the website here.

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