Addiction Resources

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Help with Porn Addiction


Sex Addicts Anonymous

Offers help to recover from sexual addiction or dependency




Federation of Drug & Alcohol Professionals

Telephone 01636 612590,


Alcoholics Anonymous

National Helpline

Telephone 0845769 7555,


Co-Dependents Anonymous (CoDA): 07000 263 645 (Answerphone only),

email, – Informal fellowship of men and women. Self help groups using 12-step programme to improve relationships for people of all backgrounds with a common interest in working through the problems that co-dependency has caused in their lives.


Through the Flame

Helping those affected by porn addiction


Sexual Addiction

Help for those affected

Telephone 020 7224 3532,


New Life Habits

If you are addicted to porn or masturbation you need em.


National Drugs Helpline (UK)

Free, confidential and anonymous service giving advice and support.

Tel: 0800 776 600

(24 hrs, Welsh-language speaker available on request); ethnic language line: 0800 917 6650 (6-10pm);

Mon: Bengali; Tues: Urdu; Fri: Hindi;

Sat: Punjabi; Sun: Cantonese.


Release (UK)

Voluntary organisation that gives advice to drug users, their families and friends, specialising in legal issues.

Tel: 020 7729 9904 (24 hrs)


Alcoholics Anonymous (UK)

Support groups to overcome

problem drinking.

Tel: 0845 769 7555


Alcoholics Anonymous (US)

Support groups to overcome problem drinking.

Tel: 001 212 870 3400


Drughelp (US)

Information, treatment options and crisis support for issues around drug abuse.

Tel: 800 662 4357


Alcoholics Anonymous (Australia)

Support groups to help people overcome problem drinking.

Tel: 02 9663 1206


Narcotics Anonymous (Australia)

Tel: 02 9565 1453

and ask for your local helpline.


Family Drug Support (Australia)

For family and friends of drug users.

Tel: 1300 368 186

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