Infidelity Resources

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An extramarital affair is one of the most painful experiences that couples face, and one of the greatest challenges for helping professionals. Whether you are seeking assistance in your personal life or you are a professional looking for training, this website is designed to help you, and to learn from you about your own experiences.


Mayo Clinic

Advice about infidelity



All about infidelity


Relationship Expert


The American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy

Advice sheet on online infidelity


Womens Divorce

Advice on how to prevent online infidelity and internet affairs
Your marriage is not hopeless after an affair — surviving infidelity and
healing your realtionship after an extramarital affair is possible! Official site for “Infidelity Crisis: How to Gain Forgiveness and Respect After Your Affair” Acclaimed download to help heal marriage after an extramarital affair- free copy available. Step by step format, 150+ pages for surviving infidelity. Instant PDF download. Start healing your marriage today!

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