Rape and Abuse Resources

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Rape Crisis (UK)

Referral services to local centres for women who have been sexually abused

or raped.

Tel: 0115 934 8474 (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm)



Survivors (UK)

Help for men who have been sexually abused or raped.

Tel: 020 7613 0808 (Tues 7-10pm)



Incest and Sexual Abuse Survivors (UK)

Helpline for those who have suffered sexual abuse from a family member.

Tel: 01636 610 313

(Tues 9.30am-4.30pm; Fri 1-4pm)


Women’s Aid Domestic Violence

Helpline (UK)

Support and information for those who have suffered domestic violence.

Tel: 08457 023 468 (24hrs)



Advocate for Survivors

of Child Abuse (US)

Tel: 1300 627 380


Sexual Assault Counselling Referral (Australia)

Referral to nearest counselling service.

Tel: 9926 7580


LawStuff (Australia)

Legal issues for under-18s in Australia.



Childhelp USA

Dedicated to the treatment and prevention of child abuse.

Tel: 800 422 4453 (24 hrs)



Rape Crisis Centre (Australia)

24-hour support for sexual assault victims.

Tel: 1800 424017


Yarrow Place Rape and Sexual

Assault Service (Australia)

Advice and support for victims of sexual assault.

Tel: 1 800 817 421


Partnership Against Domestic

Violence (Australia)

Government website including publications and links to support groups and other relevant organisations.



Kid’s Helpline (Australia)

Advice on relationships, sexual abuse, sexual activity, pregnancy and more.

Tel: 1 800 551 800


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