Research Papers

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Sexual Satisfaction Among Married Women American Journal of Health Studies, Spring, 2000 by Michael Young, George Denny, Tamera Young, Raffy Luquis. An interesting study which cites a great deal of previous research into sexual satisfaction and sexual frequency.

Distal and Proximal Influences on the Risk of Extramarital Sex: A Prospective Study of Longer Duration Marriages. Alfred DeMarisa, Department of Sociology, Bowling Green State University

Forgiveness or breakup: Sex differences in responses to a partner’s infidelity. Todd K. Shackelford Florida Atlantic University, Davie, USA David M. Buss University of Texas at Austin, USA Kevin Bennett University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, USA

The effects of intimate relationship on relationship optimism and attitudes toward marriage. An interesting study by Veronica Ida Johnson of the University of Montana which, unlike many previous studies, fails to find a correlation between parental divorce and relationship optimism in young adults who’s parents have split.

Cybersex and Infidelity Online: Implications for Evaluation and Treatment. Research Paper into how the ability to form romantic and sexual relationships over the Internet that can result in marital separation and possible divorce

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