Have more sex. Get away from it all.

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A new UK survey of f 1,489 people has found that 74% of couples have sex at least once every other day on holiday, compared to just 19% of couples who have sex every other day at home. That’s not news to me. When I carried out a major survey with 3,500 participants, going on holiday was the single most important predictor of increased sexual frequency for married couples. One woman described how “A holiday without our children after 20 years of marriage lead to sex 2/3 times a day ” She says she had “no idea what the catalyst was”, but new surroundings change the way you behave and the way you respond to each other. Fancy a break? Where better to reconnect than in our beautiful pannelled 18th century Georgian town house with heated pool in Laugharne, South West Wales. For full details click here.






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