The Stop-Start and Stop-Squeeze Techniques For Delaying Ejaculation

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These are the most common exercises for delaying ejaculation, and have been used as the basis of all successful modern therapy since 1950.

1 . Begin stroking from the tip of your penis to the base with your hand. Move your hand up and down. Don’t think about ejaculation or trying to last longer; just notice the physical sensations in your penis as you are stroking it. As you get close to ejaculation notice the physical sensations in your body. Is there a build up, gradual or rapid, to the point of ejaculation?

2. Once you are familiar with these feelings, you begin to identify what happens before the point of inevitability, when it’s still possible to stop ejaculation. To identify these sexual feelings stimulate your penis until before the point of inevitability. Then stop stimulating for 15 seconds, letting your arousal drop and then recommence stimulation. Try to do this at least three to five times before going on to ejaculation. Don’t worry if you lose your erection, this is a normal part of this cure. The benefits in terms of delayed ejaculation will be worth it. If you do lose your erection you may need to take a few deep breaths and reintroduce sexual fantasy to regain excitement.

When you feel confident with the exercises and able to stop before the point of inevitability you can increase the degree of stimulation. This is a good time to introduce a lubricant while stimulating your penis as it creates conditions that are close to what your penis feels during penetrative intercourse.

When you are confident with the above exercises, you may decide to involve your partner.

Ask your partner to stroke from the tip to the base of your penis with their hand, and stop before the point of ejaculation inevitability when you indicate to stop. After a brief period of no stimulation, ask your partner to resume, and repeat the exercise three to four times, while you focus on the pleasurable sensations in your penis.

When you are comfortable, ask your partner to stimulate your penis using a lubricant.

Finally, lie on your back with your female partner in the superior position. Insert your erect penis into her vagina and ask her to make gentle thrusting movements. just before the point of inevitability, tell your partner to stop. Take a short break, and then resume the exercise again.

The Squeeze Technique

Stop/start exercises were further developed in the 1970s by the famous American sex therapist couple, William Masters and Virginia Johnson with the addition of the squeeze technique. The squeeze technique involves a firm squeeze to the end of the penis that results in some loss of sensitivity of the glans penis.

The squeeze technique can be used on its own before penetration occurs or as part of the stop/start exercise after the stop command.

Squeeze the frenulum with your thumb and place your index finger behind the rim of the glans. The squeeze should be firm but not too painful and last for 10 -15 seconds. Your partner can also apply the technique as part of the premature ejaculation cure.

This squeeze was followed by a pause of about 30 seconds to allow the man’s arousal to drop. This, it was claimed, soon enabled a man to control his ejaculation for up to 20 minutes.

After the manual experience of learning to control ejaculation, a man and his partner would engage in sexual intercourse using the woman on top position, with the woman remaining motionless.

With gradually increasing levels of stimulation,  Masters and Johnson claimed that the vast majority of their clients were able to develop sufficient control over their ejaculation to ensure that the couple were enabled to engage in prolonged intercourse.