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Suzi Godson has written a weekly sex and relationships column for The Times newspaper in the UK for the last ten years. Her column is syndicated in The Irish Examiner and she also writes a weekly blog for The Huffington Post. Suzi is the author of The Body Bible (Penguin),  Sex Counsel (Cassell)  and the award-winning The Sex Book (Cassell) which has now been translated into fifteen languages. […]

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    The Body Bible: Every Woman's Essential Companion By Suzi Godson "One of the few books on this subject that actually makes you feel good about yourself instead of encouraging you to beat yourself up. I really can't praise it enough." Amazon Reviewer               Sex Counsel by Suzi Godson "Written with humour, but  peppered with  […]

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Couples who are going to survive long-haul need to be able to sustain some form of physical intimacy and affection when the dopamine has disappeared and they are both taking up more of the sofa than they did when they first met. Having sex makes us happy and the same is true in reverse, however, the perception that everyone else is at it like rabbits is neither true, nor helpful.  […]

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Lamilly. Because average is beautiful

Last year, Nickolay Lamm, a Pittsburgh-based artist designed what he called “Normal Barbie,” an attempt to make the doll reflect more typical bodies. Using measurements of an average 19-year-old woman, he then molded them to Barbie’s 3-D model. The result went viral. […]

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